Dr. Anita Nolan

Specialist in Oral Medicine

For an appointment:
Auckland: 094412750
Christchurch: 02108540217
Dunedin: 034640640


Oral medicine is the speciality of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis and non-surgical management of patients with chronic, recurrent and medically related disorders of the oral and maxillofacial region. Whilst some oral medicine conditions relate to problems in the mouth, symptoms are often chronic and can represent oral manifestations of more widespread disease.

The mouth can accurately reflect disorders of other parts of the body. Indeed, the mouth can often exhibit the first signs of diseases such as anaemia, disorders of the intestines, skin disorders, diabetes and defects of the immune system. As a result of these oral manifestations, such disorders can frequently be diagnosed at an early stage, which permits earlier treatment and often a better outcome for patients. The mouth is also sensitive to increased stress levels. The mouth, therefore, can be an extremely useful mirror to the rest of the body.

Within my oral medicine practice I care for patients with disorders of the mouth and face, which include: